As someone who had not even know C language, I was able to release an iPhone app in 2 months.


The iPhone app that I have been working on alone through self-study is finally being released. I will like to share with you today how I was actually able to release a iPhone app in 2 months.

(This article was written nearly 2years ago in Japanese.I wanted to spread “how I was able to release an iPhone app” to all around the world,so I’ve decided to translate this into English. hope you will be able to release an iPhone app, too)


↓This is the iPhone app, I made. It is free of charge, please install and try it.

iTunes App Store iOkinawa!


“iPhone programming is not difficult.”

Others like me who have never done programming before will be inclined to run away at the mere mention of the word programming.

However, once I actually tried it, it was easier than I previously thought. With just doing a Google search, you can find out most things and also find many a good book. I used to think to myself, “If you aren’t a science graduate you can’t program right?”. Although I was NOT a science graduate, I was able to grasp it after keeping at it.

Securing Time

Using the time after work, I studied Objective-C. If you allocate the few hours after work to studying, it is sufficient. For 2 months, do not watch TV and fight off the temptation of drinking party invitations.

Everyone has been fairly given 24 hours each.

With the debunking of lifetime employment, Japanese enterprises are sinking in the tides of the global recession. In such an era, the low risk iPhone app development is attractive. It is certainly not an easy task but there is a coveted hidden possibility of leaving an impact on the world with just an individual’s idea.

Previously, when I had the chance to converse with Twitter Inc’s Chief Scientist Dr. Abdur Chowdhury, I asked him how it was possible that a service so revolutionary could have been created.

It left a deep impression on me when he said, “All you need is passion”.
Actually, I have tried to embark on programming before but it just seemed too difficult and I gave up before I did.
If you want to do it, get up and give it a go right now! I had listened to my instincts appealing to me and began just like that. I felt that I will try it once, and if I ever got tired of it, I would just let go with the knowledge that I’ve at least tried.

The whole world is your market


Once I had started iPhone app development, I became engrossed and when I snapped out of it, it was already the middle of the night.

The nights where I exclaimed “Ah, I have to get to sleep!” before sleeping increased. There were also many times that I woke up with the urge to write the program as soon as I wake up. I even dreamed many dreams of iPhone apps.

Objectively, what did I do?

Eh? It begins with C?

After googling Objective-C before studying it, I found out the shocking truth that learning C is a prerequisite as Objective-C is an expansion of it.

After finding a site that explains C in detail, I learnt it while writing my own source codes.

C Programming Tutorial – 1 – Hello World – YouTube

YouTube and Vimeo are treasure troves


If you search “Xcode tutorial” on YouTube and Vimeo, you can watch countless iPhone programming tutories for free!

Watching these videos, you can find out how difficult or easy iPhone programming actually is. For easier apps, you can use Interface Builder to create a iPhone app without having to write your own codes.

There is a bunch of good tutorials on YouTube. my recommendation.

thenewboston→iPhone Development Tutorials

1. Introduction to Mac OS X, Cocoa Touch, Objective-C and Tools – YouTube

Write, write and write more

It may seem inefficient at first glance but this is actually the top shortcut to become proficient. Even if you don’t initially understand the meaning of the codes,through repeating them over and over again, you will start to comprehend little by little. In any case, you have to write, write and write more!

Last spurt

By studying just the areas required by your app, you can release it earlier and your motivation won’t drop. If you try to be exhaustive, it will only set you back on the development.

When facing difficulties

When you are unable to proceed with the development, refer to the 1 point below.

Stack Overflow

You could probably find the solution.


I hereby would like to thank the girls of Okinawa who have helped make this app successful! I will like to contribute to the development in Okinawa someday.

Thank you for reading. Hoping that someone will release an iPhone app, like me by reading this article!

Programming in Objective-C (5th Edition) (Developer's Library)
Stephen G. Kochan
Addison-Wesley Professional




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